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The Name of the Game is Connection.

Integrity, inspiration, communication, and teamwork are our foundation.

United Film House is a development and production company with a variety of intellectual properties. We are consistently developing new ones for Film and Television.

Why United Film House?
Each member of our seasoned multiple-hat-wearing team thoughtfully prepares in order to minimize risks. Our core team has over a two decades in professional entertainment and members of our board of advisors are among some of the most respected in the industry.
Our productions are the result of research and development in order to ensure our content is fresh, creative, and meaningful.
While technology grows by leaps and bounds every day, creating more fantastic options for less money, there’s one common thread, which binds us all together since the dawn of mankind – Story.  



Blake West

Founder / Director / Producer

Let’s tell stories that inspire, raise awareness, and alter the world for benefit of humanity.

Born in Arizona, I was raised on the country’s largest Native American reservation, The Navajo Nation.  My parents taught on the ‘rez,’ and constantly encouraged creativity.  My mother is a veteran photographer of 30+ years, and my father is a Smithsonian-recognized artist.

Starting my professional career in entertainment, first as an editor, shaped the way I direct to this day – with a clear vision of a project’s needs before production begins. This lead me to work with such industry moguls as Marta Kauffman and Quentin Tarantino.  My work has earned a Grammy nomination, its place on the Oscar’s short list, and a Telly Award for United Film House’s first commercial production. 

Blake West is a member of the Directors Guild of America.

Camille LaBry West

Founder / Writer / Producer

My goal is to enthrall, inspire and entertain millions of people with compelling content.

Born and raised in Austin, TX from a family of artists and entrepreneurs, I learned early that the golden rule was to always work as a collaborative team. 

My career began as a Project Manager at #1 Fortune 500 companies in San Francisco. I’m grateful for that experience, yet my passion is to tell stories, so it was only a matter of time before I pursued entertainment.

My personal motto? Nothing to it but to do it. Some of my feature film credits include “Extracted,” “The Owner,” and “Bad Ass.”





Spending the first years of my career as a professional choreographer producing world champion dancers and choreographing throughout the world, my career evolved into also producing and directing live stage productions. 
After further expanding my horizons, I’m currently a DGA Assistant Director and Producer – with a resume that includes sports moguls (NFL/NBA, Olympics), rock stars (Slash, Carrie Underwood, Sheryl Crow), studio produced feature films (Millennium Entertainment, Tim Burton) and network television (Disney, HBO, Lifetime, TNT).
My passion drives me to assemble a collaborative team with equal parts skill and passion, striving for excellence in craft and technique on the highest level.  I’ve found that this special harmony births champions in all facets of the entertainment industry.

Jeff McCarty

Director / Producer

The great classics of world cinema have had such a huge part in inspiring my own evolution, not just as a filmmaker but also as a human being.  Therefore, I choose to make films with fellow artists who aspire to create even newer visions, featuring subjects, styles, and themes rarely broached in film before, inspiring not only our audiences, but ourselves, the filmmakers, as well.

Graduating from USC,  my work has received exceptional praise from many respected  filmmakers and journalists, including Allison Anders (Mi Vida Loca, Gas Food Lodging), and Angela Shelton (Tumbleweeds, Searching for Angela Shelton), among others.

I am also a film preservationist, having supervised the restoration of many Hollywood classics, including ROMAN HOLIDAY, SUNSET BOULEVARD and NASHVILLE.  


Diane Huber

Development Coordinator

Born in rural Lancaster PA, I moved to NYC and received a BFA in from Pace University. After school I worked as a Development Specialist for the United Solo Theater Festival; the world’s largest solo theater festival.  After that, I worked with Prestige Management Group as a talent manager.  After several years of working in theater, I relocated to Los Angeles to pursue my career in film and television. 
Everything that seems to be a constraint is an opportunity. That’s been the phrase that’s always fueled me forward. Developing and creating worthwhile content is never easy, yet it’s always rewarding.