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Feature FilmProjects

Vinnie’s Head – Feature Film Book Option

Small-time Long Island criminal Johnnie LoDuco gets involved in a credit card scam with his childhood buddy, Vinnie McCloskey-Schmidt, that will make them all rich for life. The only problem is while out fishing one day Johnnie reels in the biggest catch of his life…Vinnie’s head. Now mafia types, bounty hunters, and Vinnie’s girlfriend are […]

Feature FilmProjects

Hot Rod Fever – Documentary

A documentary about the hot rod and custom car culture in Southern California. Hot Rods, Pin ups, and and good ol’ fast times.

Commercial Feature FilmProjects

Hell Ride – Promo

A promo for the Quentin Tarantino produced “Hell Ride.”

Feature FilmProjects

Hell Ride – Peyote Trip

Peyote Trip for the Quentin Tarantino produced biker flick “Hell Ride” done by 2nd Unit Director Blake West.

Feature FilmProjects

Ride the 9 – Feature Film

Mood reel shot in New Orleans for development of the feature.

Feature FilmProjects

The Flyer Hold Up – Feature Film

Forced to raise enough money to marry his sweetheart, a young writer unwittingly becomes part of a wild chase to solve a crime that starts off with a train robbery in the 1930’s.  Based on the Harry Stephen Keeler short story.