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Arcane – TV series

Love, Mystery, Crime. Just Another Day.

Commercial Feature FilmProjects

Hell Ride – Promo

A promo for the Quentin Tarantino produced “Hell Ride.”

ProjectsShort Film

Alone Together

Short Movie Review: “Alone Together” Invokes Hitchcock With Its Simple Yet Stylistic Approach  

Feature FilmProjects

Hell Ride – Peyote Trip

Peyote Trip for the Quentin Tarantino produced biker flick “Hell Ride” done by 2nd Unit Director Blake West.


That Guy – TV Comedy Series

Kelly humorously juggles bizarre acting jobs, dating in LA, an enthusiastic personal assistant / wanna-be manager, and a host of up and coming internet stars on his climb from the middle to a slightly higher middle of “tinsel town.”


Elwood – TV Series

Wheels turn within wheels. An infinity of parallel worlds. In Elwood, animal genetics have evolved, so that cats and dogs walk tall amongst humans.

Feature FilmProjects

Ride the 9 – Feature Film

Mood reel shot in New Orleans for development of the feature.

Feature FilmProjects

The Flyer Hold Up – Feature Film

Forced to raise enough money to marry his sweetheart, a young writer unwittingly becomes part of a wild chase to solve a crime that starts off with a train robbery in the 1930’s.  Based on the Harry Stephen Keeler short story.


Gatorade – Break the Mold

Become the leader…or follow one.

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