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Feature Film

Hot Rod Fever – Documentary

A documentary about the hot rod and custom car culture in Southern California. Hot Rods, Pin ups, and and good ol’ fast times.

Project Credits

Automobiles. They’re the #1 method of transportation.  But it’s not just about our destination.
In life I believe that people have the need to express themselves creatively, and since cars have hit the mainstream, they’ve been symbols of our culture, our stature, and our personalities.
The Classic Car subculture embodies these three symbols, spawned from the desire for many to ‘go back’ to a time when things were simpler, when cars had a personality of their own. 
All colors, all races, all people from every class worldwide participate in the custom car culture scene - brought together and bonded by the love for classic Hot Rodding.  Enthusiasts become builders who open shops, pin-up girls inspire photographers, car club members bond for life, and musicians like Billy Gibbon’s of ZZ Top enjoy this beautiful, wild, fun, and outrageous lifestyle.
I became aware of this subculture several years ago and have since involved myself in it, fascinated by the thousands of global participants. I discovered transformative stories set against the romanticism and humanity of a nostalgia-based subculture, spawned from the love of a grease and gasoline fantasy world.
Ultimately I want the audience to connect with the desire to express ourselves, to understand that it’s okay to find your own voice - and enjoy the ride getting to know some great characters with awesome cars.