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Feature Film

Ride the 9 – Feature Film

Mood reel shot in New Orleans for development of the feature.

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Even though he's been threatened with death if he ever sets foot in his native New Orleans, former pool champion JACKSON FLYNN, whose career has been blighted by a broken arm, courtesy of vicious thug MARCUS PAYNE, returns to his treasured home town -- and his beloved CAT, Marcus' ex-wife and the girl he left behind.  Jackson hopes to save his brother PETE from a deadly fix, but to do so, he has to pay Marcus a king's ransom in cash.  Jackson sets out to raise money in the only way he can --  through playing the high-risk pool game of Riding the 9, a desperate last-minute effort that leads to his breaking a legendary sports record and just may restore him to his former glory - that is, if he survives his old nemesis's murderous intentions...



Director / Producer - Blake West
Writer / Producer - Camille LaBry West
Producer - Howard Meltzer
Producer - Todd King