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Ride the 9 – Feature Film


Billiard’s prodigy Jackson Flynn’s career is destroyed by a dangerous New Orleans gangster– but in order for Jackson to save his brother’s life, he’s got to risk his own.



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Jackson Flynn masters the art of 9 ball anywhere, from illicit back rooms to regional tournaments, with the help of Jackson’s overly protective mentor, Easy. Jackson prefers to win fast by using a risky strategy called "riding the nine". By his mid 20’s, Jackson’s had it with Easy’s “always play it safe” attitude, and develops a brother-like friendship with a dangerous gangster named Marcus and his intelligent, ambitious wife Cat. Jackson’s fame and fortune rises thanks to Marcus and Cat, but things change as the years pass. Marcus permanently damages Jackson’s golden arm to pay for the ultimate betrayal - an affair with his beloved Cat.

6 years later, Jackson lives a paltry life in Los Angeles when he’s called home to save his brother Pete, who has disappeared, owing a sizable gambling debt to none other than Marcus. Jackson faces increasingly difficult challenges in his struggle to hustle cash to buy his brother life - if he's still alive - resolve tensions with his estranged lover Cat, and survive the most dangerous place for him to be... Home.



Director / Producer - Blake West
Writer / Producer - Camille LaBry West
Producer - Howard Meltzer
Producer - Todd King