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Elwood – TV Series

Wheels turn within wheels. An infinity of parallel worlds. In Elwood, animal genetics have evolved, so that cats and dogs walk tall amongst humans.

Project Credits

Starring Ron Pearlman
Directed and created by Louis Mandylor
After the death of Delaney Fargas, the original "Godfather" of Elwood, Louie the Jaw, a human pit-bull and Delaney's right hand, is expected to take his place - as ruler of Elwood and as protector of Delaney's beautiful daughter Angelica. It is now Louie's responsibility to handle the power struggles between gangsters and politicians, deal with deviated visitors and protect those in need. It's Twilight Zone meets The Sopranos. We are forced to make choices in Elwood that define the future, both there and back home. That is if we come back. As, for some, the most seductive mistress of all is... Elwood.